Book Donation

More books bring more love to read

What we want are pre-loved English books suitable for children from the age of 2 to 14 years old. 

We accept children story books, children's encyclopedias, even comics and magazines.

  • These books encourage leisure reading. Fiction books, picture books, easy-read books, pop-up books, etc.

    Example: Beauty and the Beast, The Noisy Little Elf

  • Books like these stimulate the children's curiosity. Non-fiction information books about real-life topics with facts and illustrations, explaining cultures, histories, sports, geographies, etc.

    Example: Disney's Wonderful World of Knowledge, DK's Children Encyclopedias

  • Children can learn through the visual representation of knowledge and strengthen their creative thought process. These books teach children about facts in the forms of comic strips or stories, tutorials, related to school subjects, etc.

    Example: Science Adventures, The Young Scientist

We will not accept:

Textbooks or reference books, damaged books (missing pages, extreme pen or marker doodles, etc.), other magazines (entertainment, Reader's Digest, etc.), DVDs, CDs, audio books, religious books and adult novels.

You can donate your books in 2 ways:

  • Drop-off : You may drop off at this address, SOR System Sdn. Bhd. 49F-01, Jalan Permas 4, Bandar Baru Permas Jaya 81750 Masai, Johor during office hours, Monday to Friday from 9:00am to 6:00pm.
    Contact: Allysha, 011-3175 7803.
  • Arrange for Collection : We do collections from your doorstep within Johor Bahru district.
    Contact: Ibrahim, 013-710 4958 and Stephen, 019-772 0762.

General Enquiry

  +6011 3175 7803