The best thing you can give, is your time.

Volunteers are givers.

In giving your time, you create impactful change as you raise the children’s love of reading. Be a part of the reason and movement a child wants to read.

Why Join Us?

With your help, we can reach out to more children and make a difference in their lives.

Grow your social opportunities with others who are interested in making a difference like you. Let’s build together the gateway for a book-loving generation when you give your time and efforts making a difference in the lives of the community.

In light of the ongoing pandemic, we ensure the volunteer opportunities are adaptable in following the standard operating procedures (SOPs) related to the Covid-19.

Volunteer Roles

  • Confident to read stories aloud. Motivated to stimulate the children’s imaginations through creative storytelling and engagement.

    • Able to converse in English or Bahasa Malaysia.
    • Engage and interact with the children during storytelling.
    • Able to tell stories aloud, make use of gestures and expressions to capture children’s attention.
    • Commit to half an hour of storytelling sessions on any Saturday.

  • Support the children to develop interest in reading and help them overcome their vocabulary issues through reading sessions.

    • Able to converse in English or Bahasa Malaysia.
    • Has patience when reading together with a child and able to teach them the basic reading skills to improve their literacy.
    • Keep track of a child’s reading progress.
    • Commit to half an hour in reading sessions on any Saturday.

  • Help smoothen the flow of library duties through shelfing books, and sanitise new and returned books.

    • Responsible for properly shelfing new and returned books according to the respective shelves.
    • Help readers find for the books they want to read.
    • Sanitise new and returning books.
    • Coordinate with library assistants and library manager.
    • Commit to 2 and a half hours on any Saturday.

  • Take charge in a range of library responsibilities, includes borrow and returns, new member registrations and utilise the library app.

    • In charge of the borrow and return book processes.
    • Register new members and man the book counter.
    • Learn and understand the library app before using.
    • Add, categorise and tag new books.
    • Maintain the books in the library kiosk.
    • Coordinate with shelving and library manager.
    • Commit to 2 and a half hours on any Saturday.

  • To help in collection and transfer of books.

    • To collect books from donors within the Johor Bahru district.
    • To send books to book depot.
    • Flexi time.

General Enquiry

  +6011 3175 7803